Guards of Haven (Hawk & Fisher, Books 4-6)

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We see his first official anti-pirate trick as he and the Straw Hats block the entrance to the island by pouring oil on the only slope available. Unfortunately, Nami and Zoro accidentally get caught in their own trap, Luffy gets lost, and Usopp arrives as the pirates land—alone. When Nami finally arrives, both she and Usopp are facing the pirates without their heavy hitters.

It seems like their plan to stop the pirates has failed, but Luffy and Zoro arrive to save them just in time, complete with solid punches. Predictably, Luffy also manages to be hypnotized and wrecks havoc on the pirates and their ship before Django manages to render him unconscious. It leaves the playing field more level, but Luffy out of the fight. In the village, Kaya wakes from a terrible nightmare to another terrible situation when she discovers Merry—who survived! The battle on the beach rages on. While Luffy is down for the count, Zoro tries to keep the fight focused on himself to protect Nami and Usopp.

When he loses two of his swords, Nami attempts to get them back, but Django attacks her. It looks dire, until the Black Cat pirates realize that Captain Kuro has arrived to see why his plans have been derailed. Once he drops his Klahadore persona, Kuro is vicious, mean, and impatient. Zoro and Nami continue the fight by themselves, but the Black Cat pirates are too much. They reaffirm their resolve to win the fight, and exchange a very subtle and sweet moment. Then Luffy steps into battle.

Before he can take the Black Cat pirates to school, though, from the cliff Kaya calls out to Kuro. He also wants her estate in his name. Klahadore as Kaya knew him is completely gone and Kuro is back and determined to see his plans through. Usopp, unable to listen to Kaya being maligned, attacks Kuro, only for Luffy to launch a devastating punch and send Kuro flying!


Our first side story begins the adventure of Buggy the Clown, after Luffy defeated him and sent him flying. Buggy is out at sea all alone never good for a Devil Fruit user, due to their inability to swim , sans body parts, and being chased by vicious pirate sharks. Will he make it? They followed Kaya to the battle after seeing her in town. As they fight, Kuro reveals his ultimate plan—to leave behind his Captain Kuro identity forever.

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Kuro continues, in the vein of a really bad supervillain, to share his plans—to kill everyone who knew who he was before, even his crew. He begins to use an attack that scares all his crew members.

Save his brothers and his own soul [Book 1] Dungeons Fantasy audiobook

Luffy is furious and manages to capture Kuro in a body hold. Kaya is in the forest where Django is trying to hypnotize her into writing a will. Right as Django pockets the false will he got from Kaya under duress, Zoro and Usopp find them. As Usopp readies an attack to beat Django, Luffy finally has Kuro where he wants him.

Both Usopp and Luffy deploy their attacks, Usopp with an exploding slingshot attack and Luffy with an epic head butt yes, really…welcome to One Piece. As the Black Cat pirates escape, Nami comes out to tend to an injured Luffy. In true One Piece fashion, there is some ugly crying. As a reward, Kaya gives Luffy a ship!

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This is our very first introduction to one of the most important characters in One Piece. Make a note of this moment! The restaurant, called Baratie, is a dangerous place very close to the Grand Line where a wide variety of people come to eat. Before that can be explored, though, they have to dodge cannonballs from Ironfist!

Luffy uses his Gum Gum skills to bounce the cannonball away, but instead of launching it toward Ironfist, he sends it toward the restaurant! But the Baratie is owned by Chef Zeff. After Luffy sends the cannonball into the restaurant, the workers bring him to account for his error directly to Zeff.

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Zeff tells Luffy he has to work at the restaurant for one year. Meanwhile, in the dining room, Ironfist, the Navy dude who shot the cannonball at the Straw Hats, is trying to impress a woman. Unfortunately, he insults Sanji. His attitude and disrespect for food and the people who make it leads predictably to violence. Before it can escalate too much, a Navy officer rushes in to tell Ironfist that a pirate they were holding has escaped, taking out multiple people. Before he can finish his report, the escapee shoots him and then saunters into the restaurant to request food.

On the sly, he brings food to the man, who is obviously starving. Gin, the man who Sanji feeds, leaves to return to his captain, a terrifying pirate called Don Krieg. He thanks Sanji for his kindness. Note: The books were reissued by Caldwell; later Caldwell advertisements show two additional volumes: Lilies and Thistledown and Uncle Joe's Thanksgiving.

Grosset 1. Adventures of the Galloping Gas Stove 2.

Adventures of the Traveling Table 4. Adventures of the Sailing Sofa 6. Little Flyaway 2. The Spoiled Picture 3. Fleda's Childhood 4.


The Singing Girl 5. Molly and the Wine Glass 6. The Twins Dragondrums Bantam PB 1. Kill the Story 2. Play Dead 3. Speak No Evil 4. Get the Picture 5. Too Hot to Handle 6. Signed, Sealed, Delivered The Ghost in the Attic 2. The Mystery of Misty Island Inn 3. The Ghost Ferry Summer to Summer Carol Ellis 2.

Naval History and Heritage Command

Someday Soon Vicki Tyler 3. Waiting in the Wings Lisa Norby 4. Make a Wish Carol Beach York 5. Spring Fever Abby Connell Note: Each book is two stories in one. The first shows the protagonist's life at age fourteen; the second, at eighteen. No Experience Required 2. The Main Attraction 3.

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