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Chaos, conflict — and conga: Fanny and Alexander takes the stage. Published: 15 Feb Should we rage against death, or enjoy the charmed spaces of life? Ian Jack. Bergman: why are the great director's women all tragi-sexual goddesses? Published: 4 Feb Today the Swedish director would be called a predator, but he also created great roles in which women excelled.

Published: 6 Jan Persona review — Ingmar Bergman's enigmatic masterpiece still captivates 5 out of 5 stars. Published: 29 Dec Gate; Barbican, London An exciting rising star and imaginative production make for an enthralling trip to The Unknown Island, and a take on Bergman is stylish but slow-moving. Published: 1 Oct Published: 28 Sep Published: 1 Jul The newly discovered screenplay suggests the then year-old film-maker reacting to the sexual liberation of the s in characteristic fashion.

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Published: PM. Previously unknown Ingmar Bergman script to be filmed by former antagonist. Through a Glass Darkly review — graceful vision lacks metaphysical heft 3 out of 5 stars. Published: 20 Nov On the other hand, should you seek a demonstration of female centrality—not the empowerment of women so much as the instinctive power with which, whether in suffering or in flourishes of joy, they can assume dramatic command of a movie—then the Bergman season, I would argue, will be the better and more inspiring option.

That movie, notoriously, was sliced up and marketed in the U. The devil controls her by radar! You have to laugh, I guess, and yet there is something pitiful as well as preposterous in the American response.

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Monika is not a bad girl; she is a woman, striving to untangle herself from the bonds of social expectation. To reduce that struggle to a mere erotic display is, in effect, to tighten the bonds by yet another notch. Why does he not seem parochial? By rights, he should be both outdated and remote: a man from a small Nordic nation with a burgeoning welfare state, who, in the wake of the Second World War, began to create intimate studies of private lives. All of his characters are white; many of them hail from the loftier ranks of society, and some from theatrical circles.

Most of them converse in Swedish. So why should we care? How come their exploits and tribulations continue to resound? One could say the same of the great screwball comedies.

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Invariably grounded in the antics of the rich and the footloose, they still find an echo, nonetheless, in anyone who has ever indulged in the sport of desire. One answer would be: think of Bach. Think of the cello suites, played with such impassioned and relentlessly practiced skill that they echo down the ages. If we want to get the measure of Bergman, maybe the person to ask would be Pablo Casals. Outside is the big world, and sometimes the little world succeeds in reflecting the big one so that we understand it better. Bergman was the master of such reflection, so much so that—be warned—he will leave you itchy with impatience at most of the movies that currently come our way, especially those that pride themselves on their strident relevance to our times.

For one thing, a lot of Bergman is short, all the more potent for its brevity, and nobody has made a more compelling case for the virtues of the ninety-minute flick.

enter site Conversely, the few I had never seen before had the consoling allure of old favorites. Bergman died in , aged eighty-nine, and the enigma of his achievement has only grown and ripened with the years. I would advise that you pitch a tent outside Film Forum for a few weeks, stock up with rations, and prepare yourself for the movie of the day. Certainly base yourself no farther away than Washington Square. Not to see as many of these films as possible, to be honest, would be more than a wasted opportunity.

It would be a dereliction. Falstaff would approve.

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The summer night, he explains to her, has arrived at its third smile. It contains multitudes.

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