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The Silver Generation came next: the first true supers. The Gold Generation was mighty, skilled, and maybe even superhuman, but the new generation could fly, tear holes in the fabric of reality, or summon up the primal forces of nature. The Silver Generation was the first generation to devote themselves to fighting supervillains, monsters, and dangerous phenomena instead of criminals or political wrongdoers.

Their powers boosted them to the top of the superhero scene, and most of them are still in positions of power and authority in Halcyon City.

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The Bronze Generation , the children and proteges of the Silver Generation, came up in a world already filled to the brim with superpowers and cosmic phenomena, with magic and madness. Many found new paths, becoming explorers of the strange and unusual or dark vigilantes in the streets that the Silver Generation had abandoned…or even becoming government agents.

They were the first cynical supers, the first introspective generation, examining the legacy left them by their elders and finding it wanting and incomplete. An unnamed generation, not yet clear in temperament or destiny. When you create your character in Masks , you use a playbook designed to provide a template for your character. Each playbook is geared toward a different kind of young superhero, offering you options and choices alike to customize your character as a hero of Halcyon City.

You can download them here. Or someone you care about? Or will you always be different? Or someone else entirely? The Janus — You put on the mask, become someone different, escape your mundane life, but you know your responsibilities are always waiting for you: who are you really? The mask or the mundane? The Doomed — Your powers are killing you; they come with some awful, nightmarish fate.

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Can you deal with their looks, stares, and fear without becoming the monster they see? Or are you just a wannabe? Are you a Danger or a Savior? A Freak or Superior?

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Or are you just Mundane? If you have Mundane -2, you see yourself as anything but a normal person. Freak , which is all about being strange, unusual, unknown, different, unique, powerful, weird, and special. Danger , which is all about being strong, threatening, violent, destructive, badass, frightening, reckless, and mighty. Savior , which is all about being defensive, protective, overbearing, moralistic, guarding, patronizing, and classically heroic. Superior , which is all about being clever, faster, better, arrogant, dismissive, commanding, egotistical, and smart.

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