Ministers Service Book: For Pulpit and Parish

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Minister's Service Book: For Pulpit and Parish

In Mark ; Luke and John , there were he ministered to spiritually and physically. Jesus was not running a congregation, he was running a seminary.

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Christian leaders: do you want your churches to grow? Just find ways to engage with it that are real, relevant, and do some good and no harm to both members and their community. People have shown that they respond to that approach. Me, I think most Christians would rather see their religion disintegrate than change anything about their groups and behavior.

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I used to think there was time for them to right their ship. Not one single survey done in the last 5 years gives them any chance of regaining their onetime effortless dominance of American society. You mention toxic groups at church. I am not a member of any one church—I attend various churches. I have yet to run into a toxic group at a church, however; your email was very toxic. You will never be free until you realize that.

Wow, Leslie, you really did show us exactly what I was talking about.

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Well done! What did I say that was toxic? I was critical of toxic church culture, and I showed my work. You just want to shut me down, and you did it by being exactly the kind of hypocrite I talked about.


But you failed. YOU are why your religion is failing. YOU, personally, are a tiny piece of how people know Christianity is false through and through, and bad for humanity as a whole. Instead, Christianity has just given you permission to mistreat others. Where was love in your comment? Where was grace? Freedom does come from within. And from within, we are rejecting your brand of toxic religion. From within, we are choosing a better way. How about freedom is freedom? Bertha, you have no idea in the world what you just said looks like in the real world. This level of magical thinking would be comical, except you clearly think you said something profound.

Such pseudo freedom could come at the highest cost.

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  • Minister's service book for pulpit and parish?
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Fact: Jesus loves you. Fact: Jesus died for you. There are no unbelievers after death. Just wide and narrow paths that have eternal destinations. The Lord is gentle and kind that would forgive you of your sins. I choose in the perfect design. Pray this, Jesus I want to invite you to come and reveal truth to my mind, heart, and spirit. Find His truth and you will live the abundant Life. Say to Jesus I am coming to the end of my self made naturalists, realists, and distained fallen creation of God. The real miracle would be your transformation into the kingdom along with the acceptance of your adopted blood bought family waiting to welcome you as you are.

I pray for that miracle. I know one interesting method of earning money, I think you will like it. Captian Cassidy: You have the traits if a Very Toxic individual. Your email reflected the following: 1. I have often struggled with the idea of how much do we depend on the spiritual and how much on strategy. My personal observation over the years is leadership that is not strategic usually fails. In my experience the spiritually based leaders that also use strategy are able to reach more for Christ. I wonder how many of the negative commenters in this thread have ever significantly grown at church in present times. Todd, I was a no one before I met you.

A plain Jane that no one would take a second glance at. Since requesting you cast the public attraction love spell I have had more dates in the past month than I have in my entire life! You are a miracle worker! I have actually had guys stop me on the street to ask me to grab a cup of coffee with them. I could not have asked for anything more. I am having a great time and having fun!

E-mail:manifestspellcast gmail. Hello blogger, i must say you have high quality articles here. Your website can go viral. You need initial traffic boost only. How to get it? That is a big one!! I would suggest that you are leaving out a HUGE aspect as to why many go mega churches not all but many …to hide or even get self serving needs met.

Look at the crowds that followed Jesus. Most of them followed him for health and food. They can just punch their attendance cards and go home.

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I propose small churches consist mostly of people who put their hands to the plow. Most arent there to punch cards and meet selfish needs from self serving programs but are there to work and serve the Lord. People can move from one group to another if they want. Some will grow, others will shrink. It challenges each group to perform. He was teaching his disciples a duplicatable system that should reach the entire earth by the time he is ready to return. These in turn were to teach others and so on as the group grew exponentially. Sometimes a thousand people were saved because one person was healed.