The Social Ecology of Infectious Diseases

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Journal of Wildlife Diseases 45 4 Haller, T. Human Ecology 36 5 Mwansa, S. Muwowo, P. Mulenga, M. Kapina, E. Musenga, D. Squarre, L. Mataa, S. Thomas, H.

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  • Human Ecology of Infectious Disease.
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A second outbreak of rabies in African wild dogs Lycaon pictus in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa, demonstrating the efficacy of vaccination against natural rabies challenge. Animal Conservation 7 2 Holdo, R. Sinclair, A. Dobson, K. Metzger, B. Bolker, M. Ritchie, and R. A disease-mediated trophic cascade in the Serengeti and its implications for ecosystem C. PLoS Biology 7 9 :e Holling, C. Resilience and stability of ecological systems.

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Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research Kat, P. Alexander, J.

Infectious Diseases - An Introduction

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Human Ecology of Infectious Disease

Forget, M. Foster, G. Gale, D. Harris, R.


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Poulsen, M. Quesada, H. Rainey, D. Robinson, C. Roetgers, F. Rovero, F.