Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle

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Press, , pp.

Cosmic Pessimism

Liber Clicking In, ed. Noise is discussed in terms of information and randomness, as these frameworks provide a suitable bridge to recent accounts of neurobiological and computational learning procedures. Neurobiology and computational accounts suggest that noise is probabilistically filtered at distinct scales in learning architectures, and that detecting patterns in noise is itself a hierarchical cognitive problem for both natural and artificial intelligences.

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I follow this examination of noise with a few speculative remarks on pattern detection in noise beyond the human scale via artificial intelligences. Suggested Reading Aaronson, Scott. Predictive brains, situated agents, and the future of cognitive science. The subject target of this risk — and threat analysis — remains poorly defined. It is, by implication, at once homo sapiens as a biological species, and humanity as a collective agent of historical auto-production. Specifically, human identity validation emerges as an explicit component of any possible defense against intelligence catastrophe X-risk.

The inter-threaded historical topics of machine substitution for human labor , imitation of human agents , and emulation of abstract machines provide the background for this suggestion.

Irving John Good. What is AGI? This is a conceptual question which marks the extension of the AGI question beyond the parochial problem-solving questions instantiated by other subfields of AI.

Crisis and Openings: Introduction to Marxism - Richard D Wolff

Taken seriously - i. A generality that is common across these scales of Wozniak-satisfiability is what is posited and sought by AGI.

A New Manuscript by Katerina Kolozova on Non-Philosophical Metaphysics – Fractal Ontology

Analogical bootstrapping : using our general intelligence to work on practical analogies to general intelligence like problem-solving in order to get back to general intelligence again , closing - ideally - a construction loop. Broadly, Kant gives us a variety of powerful ways to generally characterize the problem itself - and in its own terms? Pete: real AGIs near-term are going to look more like children, probably specifically autistic children and savants, than suddenly-awoken Skynet, and our legal approach to them and their arising is probably going to have to look similar.

Understanding deals with concepts: general terms - which judgments connect eg. Sensibility deals with singular rather than general conceptual, term-oriented judgments - it is sensibility whereby the mind is given singularities that elementarily update the world and perturbate understanding the space of the concept. How do objects and concepts constrain one another?

Long Durations and Ideas about the Future

Kant: intuition of objects is synthetic and constructed. This is his radical departure from Aristotle and the essence of the Copernican turn, whereby we are not pre-related to objects which are elementarily given to us. By constructing a singular instance with rules, the constructed instance becomes representative of the general or abstract case and not simply particular. This happens both in mathematical and experimental construction Kant. Self-examination as a source of justification for statements about the transcendental constraints on mind leads us to phenomenological misuse - accidentally turning particular features of our sensorium into universalized features.

Pete also makes a distinction here between finite specification and finite execution, such that indefinite responsibilities nonhalting execution are OK if they can still be finitely specified - a deep computational principle. All the speakers are cool with him, gonna have some nice beers, talk about how their great genes allow them to think they know everything about AI just by reading lesswrong?

Sorry if i seem hostile i really am just curious about what people think and how they justify themselves and their event. Imagination understood in part as parochial processing includes: global integration of multi-modal sensory information, which we can relate to environmental simulation, global-workspace theories of consciousness, and the study of concurrency in computer science; extraction of local invariants such as object individuation; and anticipation of local variations such as object simulation.

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Understanding, then, is general framing, and comprises classification of local invariants generic judgment , re-identification of local invariants across contexts recognitive judgment , and identification and classification of local variations predicative judgment.

Reason, finally, describes general re-framing: extraction of judgment consequences through ampliative inference abduction ; identification of judgment conflicts or critical inference; and global integration of conceptually formatted information world representation. They are free to read for everybody, without limitation. They can be shared with our embeddable reader, in any context, without limitation. And they can be shared for private use.

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Digital subjectivity is its product.

Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle

Is this the subject one fantasizes about when one imagines a fully algorithmic subjectivity? Is subjectivity beyond this essentially philosophical phantasm possible? Katerina Kolozova , PhD.