Transport Modeling in Hydrogeochemical Systems (Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics)

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Logan , Solute transport in porous media with scale dependent dispersion and periodic boundary conditions, Journal of Hydrology , Boundary conditions for convergent radial tracer tests and effect of well bore mixing volume, Water Resources Research 32 7 , with V. Transport in fractured porous media with time-periodic boundary conditions, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 9 , with S.

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Location, time, and temperature dependence of digestion in simple animal tracts, Journal of Theoretical Biology , with A. Logan, Biological invasions with flux-limited dispersal, Math.

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Chemical reactor models of optimal digestion efficiency with constant foraging cost, Ecological Modelling , 25—38 with A. Dynamic energy budget models with size-dependent hazard rate, J. Mathematical model of consumer homeostasis control in plant- herbivore dynamics, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 40, with A.

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Logan, G. Type II functional response for continuous, physiologically-structured models, Journal of Theoretical Biology Effects of temperature on TSD in turtle C. Logan, J. The models are simple but the results are illuminating. The book is designed to appeal to both the mathematics and the applications communities, and it does a good job of presenting interesting material on both aspects. The typography in this book is attractive, the figures are clear Koplik, Applied Mechanics Reviews, Vol. The book deals with the interplay between mathematics and hydrogeology, via modelling and analysis in terms of partial differential equations for transport and reaction of solutes in the groundwater.

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Nonlinear Systems Shankar Sastry. The book serves as an excellent text or supplementary reading in courses in applied mathematics, contaminant hydrology, ground water modeling, or hydrogeology.

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